Do you do tax returns too? Not clear on your professional work… are you accounting for business? Individuals?

Thanks for the comment.  I guess I need to make what I do more clear on the website.  I was thinking that was a need I should work on.  Saturday I was wondering how high I ranked in connections among tax nerds so I searched accounting and was surprised how many people in the category were not tax professionals.  I guess it is easy to be myopic.  LOL I have a full service tax and accounting firm.  We prepare tax returns and accounting for small to medium businesses.  I’m a tax guy and not really much of an accountant but I have CPA’s who are very good that work for me.  We prepare a ton of individual returns too, that is really the bread and butter.


About taxdude8422

Basically I am just a tax nerd, have been all my life. However I have found the more open you are to opportunities the better off you will be in this world. That makes my what is know as an open networker on Linkedin, I will connect with anyone. I am not an expert on Linkedin by any means but one day when I was asking someone to connect I mentioned that I had just been refilled on invites. My new connect asked how I did that. I used that same line for the next month and got asked the same question four times. I started thinking there was a lot of little things it took my sometime to learn. Through this blog I plan to share some of those "Linked Secrets"
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